PressbildSnoh Aalegra from Uppsala has been mentored by Prince.

Echoes legends

Snoh Aalegra
-Ugh, those feels again
ARTium Recordings

On August 16th the undeniably talented Uppsala native Swedish-Iranian singer Snoh Aalegra released her second album -Ugh, those feels again, the album’s title being a playful continuation of her 2017 debut album FEELS.

Mentored by none other than Prince himself prior to his unfortunate passing in 2016, Aalegra’s soulful voice echoes legends such as Michael Jackson as well as Aretha Franklin. Merging timeless soul with slick R&B, Aalegra manages to stay true to her own style while still displaying signs of artistic evolvement. Her tasteful producers (NO I.D., D-Mile and Doctor O) ensure that the piercing purity of her voice never gets lost. The track “Want You Around” creates the most tender, chill vibe with expressed Stevie Wonder references whilst tracks like “Peace” and “Be Careful” remind us of Aalegra’s ability to convey dark, pensive themes.

Though Aalegra’s range is remarkable, her vocal patterns are at times too predictable, especially for those familiar with her previous work. This weakens many moments of potential originality. Still, as a whole -Ugh, those feels again is a balanced synthesis between the appreciated familiar sounds of soulful R&B and the untouched elements of what the genre’s future might hold.