What would an apocalypse look like in Uppsala?

Short story contest 2019

Cannons are roaring in the distance; The doctoral conferment ceremony. You’re used to it by now, having lived in Uppsala for four years. But aren’t the cannon-shots a bit irregular? Loud voices and screams you first mistook for cries of joy grow louder and you see people running towards you. As the civil defence siren starts echoing over the city you realise something is very, very wrong…

We want your entries for Ergo’s short story contest 2019. This year’s theme is apocalypse. Personal, spiritual, national, global; pre-, mid- och post-;Interpret the theme however you wish as long as you follow the instructions below.

Send us your entry to by Sunday 25th of August the latest. Write “Short story contest” as the subject.

The winning short story will be published in the first issue of Ergo this upcoming fall and be rewarded with a 2000 kronor gift voucher at Uppsala Bokhandel (Uppsala bookshop).

– The contestant must be an Uppsala student.
– The entry must be written in English or Swedish.
– The entry must be between 5 000 and 10 000 characters long, including blanks (spaces).
– The entry must not have been published in any other medium previous to the competition, including, for example, private blogs.
– Only one author per entry is allowed.
– The story must take place in Uppsala and pertain to the theme apocalypse.


The contest is arranged in collaboration with Uppsala Bokhandel (Uppsala bookshop).



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