Piggy bank
Many international students have lost their side incomes due to the corona crisis.
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Petition calls for government to cut tuition fees for international students

International students urge the Swedish government to reduce, postpone or eliminate their tuition fees given the current corona crisis.

Presently, more than 1 800 people have signed a petition created by the group called “Education Uninterrupted”, calling for a reduced, postponed or eliminated tuition fees for international students studying in Sweden. One of the founders of the group, American Sarah De Arruda – communications student at Gothenburg University, says to Sveriges radio (SR) that the education they have received since campus lectures were prohibited is not up to standards for what many international students are paying for.
– We can’t really have open discussions, we also can’t use the campus or any of the services that the campus provides, she tells SR.
She adds that  many international students are stressed about the situation and that many have lost their side jobs due to the current crisis.
The petition letter has been sent to the government, The Swedish Migration Agency and universities.

Swedish universities currently provide education for about 10 000 fee-paying international students who pay 65 000 SEK per semester on average.



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