Uplands nation
"We have been working together to fix the issues and to make sure that everyone gets properly paid", Uplands write in an email.
Foto: Sandra Gunnarsson

”We have been improving our routines”

Uplands nation apologize to the people affected by the salary issues they had during last semester and are working on fixing them.

Last week, Ergo reported that many people who worked at Uplands nation last semester had experienced issues with getting their salary from the nation. In som cases the salary had been delayed and in others the workers hadn’t been paid at all, despite repeated attmpts to contact the curators. Uplands nation wrote a statement in response to the article:

Uplands Nation has for some time had issues with salary payment. We want to apologize to everyone affected by this.  Of course, everyone working for pay at the nation should also receive their payment, and all should be treated well by the nation. During the summer we were made aware of the problems that had been going on during the spring. We have been working together to fix the issues and to make sure that everyone gets properly paid. Most of it is already solved but we are still working on correcting payments we regrettably haven’t done yet.

To ensure that this does not happen in the future, we have been improving our routines and the information about them.

If anyone is still experiencing problems, we ask you to contact us on

The issues, they say, were the results of inadequate routines and lack of information on different levels. – We also lacked knowledge in some areas because we didn’t have people in all full-time positions during last fall semester, which of course made it difficult to give a proper handover to the new people taking over those positions in the spring, the 1q writes in an email to Ergo. Should anybody experience any difficulties with getting in touch with or getting a response from the curators regarding salary issues in the future, they can turn to the nation’s inspector och pro-inspector, or to Kuratorskonventet, the 1q informs us



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