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Contribute to Ergo magazine!

Ergo was founded in 1924 and is Uppsalas biggest student magazine. Ergo no longer exists as a physical paper, but we’re alive and kicking here on the web! Though texts in English are scarce, this is something we would like to change.

We’re looking for student freelance writers that would like to write articles, reviews and columns for us. In exchange for your efforts you will get tutoring from the editors at Ergo and a chance to have your texts published at

Maybe you don’t want to write for us yourself, but still have news tips you want to share with us? Perhaps your essay tutor has not been treating you well? Or maybe your student nation has some exciting event going on we should know about? Let us know!

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Panikångestattacker, lättare gympapass och nitiskt färgsorterade karameller – som tentamensvakt får du se mycket av hur…