Ready to go nation clubbing! We learned, however, that you only need the part of the certificate that's inside the square on the paper. How we wish we hade known this before laminating it...
Foto: Lina Svensk

How to get your vaccination certificate

Starting today, December 1, you need to prove you have been vaccinated to get in to clubs and concerts. But how do you retrieve your certificate? Ergo will guide you.

Are you planning to go clubbing this weekend? Starting today you need to prove that you have been vaccinated in order to attend events with more than 100 people, for example clubs, concerts and sporting events. Here’s how you retrieve your vaccination certificate:

Go to the website Click “retrieve vaccination certificate”, login with your electronic ID and download the certificate. Voila! You now have it on your phone. You can also print it out. Why not laminate it if you feel like it? Then you just show your QR code when visiting larger events that require a certificate.

If you don’t have an electronic ID, for example if you are an international student staying in Sweden short term, you can print (if you don’t have a printer yourself, you’ll find them at the university’s libraries or other public libraries in the city), fill out and post a form you’ll find on The Swedish eHealth Agency’s website. However, you will still need to have a Swedish ID number or a coordination number (samordningsnummer) and have been vaccinated in Sweden in order to retrieve your certificate.

On your certificate you’ll find how long it’s valid and you can at any time order a new certificate. You may also use your certificate as proof that you have been vaccinated when travelling abroad, but you’ll need to inform yourself of the current covid restrictions of the country you’re travelling to.

If you have recently been vaccinated it may take up to seven days before your vaccination is reported to the National Vaccination Register. If it takes longer than seven days you can contact The Swedish eHealth Agency.



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