Foto: Emilia Swiecicka och Amanda PetterssonGet food from a falafel truck while staying in Uppsala, or you haven´t really been here.

The exchange students’ bucket list

Did you manage everything you wanted to do during your exchange program? Unfortunately, the semester abroad ends faster than one can imagine. Therefore, Steve compiled a list with 50 things that one definitely should do during an exchange in Uppsala.

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Tio besserwissrar du träffar som Uppsalastudent

1. Take a snapchat selfie with your professor
2. Get lost on campus.
3. Visit IKEA and buy useless decoration for your empty exchange student room (and eat "köttbullar" (meatballs))
4. Convince your mom that you actually do study A LOT during your exchange.
5. Be broke.
6. Do a pub crawl where you visit all 13 nations. Thirteen! Not 12 not 11 – 13!
7. Do a library crawl where you visit all the libraries of Uppsala University.
8. Swipe everyone to the right. Try to meet the first person you matched. If that does not work, meet match number 2.
9. Wake up somewhere without knowing where you are or what happened the night before.
10. Try to procrastinate so much that it feels like you are doing something productive.
11. Learn Swedish (at least “Hej”, “Tack” and “Skål” should be part of your vocabulary).
12. Do something you would never ever do in your home country.
13. Go to university 3 days in a row without sleep.
14. Party 3 days in a row without sleep.
15. Find a lecture from the course directory that sounds the most boring; go there and listen carefully.
16. Leave a book in the library that you never borrowed from there.
17. Go to a Gasque. 
18. Swim in the Fyrisån.
19. Study the whole night at Eko without the security finding you.
20. Go to a typical Flogsta corridor party.
21. Get involved in a student nation or association.
22. Complain about the prices at Systembolaget and join a “booze cruise” to the Baltics.
23. Wake up after the sun already went down (does not apply in winter).
24. Educate yourself about Swedish history, culture and traditions.
25. If you find yourself liking someone – tell that person how you feel.
26. Hand in a paper 1 day AFTER deadline (Level: Beginner).
27. Hand in a paper 1 week BEFORE deadline (Level: Advanced).
28. Hand in a paper 1 minute BEFORE deadline (Level: Expert).
29. Go to a Stortorsdag totally sober and dance all night long until 2 AM.
30. Come to a seminar in pyjamas.
31. Get food at Max, Rosa Pantern or the falafel trucks in the middle of the night.
32. Give someone extra lessons.
33. Fail an exam so that you feel even more nervous about the retake.
34. Stand in line to get into a club for at least 2 hours.
35. Go to a company event and inform yourself about possible career opportunities.
36. Make friends from at least 3 different continents.
37. Host a pre-party and after-party (preferably not on the same evening).
38. Try out a new sport.
39. Be the last person on the dance floor.
40. Be the first person on the dance floor.
41. Cook a typical dish of your country for your international friends.
42. Abuse all the benefits and discounts you can get with your student ID (see #5).
43. Send tons of pictures and videos of your awesome life to your friends at home .
44. Hook up with a Swede.
45. Read a course book from the beginning to the end.
46. Come to the lecture 10 minutes too late and only have a water bottle and sunglasses with you.
47. Travel around as much as you can.
48. Experience Skvalborg, Kvalborg, Valborg, Finalborg and Katastrofalborg.
49. Enjoy your time in Uppsala to the fullest but don’t forget to…
50. Survive the Post-ERASMUS depression.